Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Can I add, edit and delete content on my site?

    A.Yes. You can add, edit or delete pages using our simple-to-use Content Management System. And, you can add as many pages as you wish. You can edit the text and images that display on your site, including your home page and newsletters. (Our eLearning curriculum is not editable, but if you have suggestions for improvement, let us know!)

  • Q.What happens at the end of the initial one-year service agreement?

    A.Our plan is to exceed your expectations and that you’ll want to renew! Like you, we want to create a long-term relationship with our clients. If you decide not to renew, we’ll transfer your domain to whomever you specify, thank you for the opportunity to be of service and part friends.

  • Q.How long does it take before my site is live?

    A.This mostly depends upon how quickly we can conduct your content interview and receive your approval on our design recommendations. A general rule of thumb is between three and four weeks.

  • Q.How much does it cost?

    A.Our prices are competitive, especially when you consider what you get. In other words, for about the price of a website product, you can get a website service. We provide pricing only in the context of explaining what our service includes.

  • Q.How can I get started?

    A.Start by downloading a copy of our simple Service Agreement and put MediSmart Media to work for you and your practice today.

  • Q.Can I promote a monthly special?

    A.Yes. There are several options: 1) Use your email console to send your own custom email to your website subscribers. 2) Append a custom message as a postscript to the emails we send to your website subscribers on your behalf. 3) Add a banner ad to your site. Or all three! Your site provides a lot of flexibility so you can do as much or little additional practice promotion as you wish.

  • Q.What is the difference between the Basic, Standard and Premium Service Plans?

    A.Basic Service is for the new practitioner, those on a limited budget or in a smaller jurisdiction and getting new patients isn’t as important as supporting the referral process and educating patients. Standard Service balances patient education and new patient acquisition. Our SEO Department will optimize your site, confirm your Google Local listing and secure the necessary directory listings to produce a return on your investment. Our Premium Service maximizes your website’s new patient pulling power, dominating search engines and expanding your online authority. It is available only in jurisdictions where we see the promise of greater new patient production. (By application only.) For more details about our service plans view our plan comparison table

  • Q.What do I get for the monthly hosting fee?

    A.Others call it a hosting fee because all they do is host your site. But since a MediSmart Media website is a service, we call it a Service Fee. On your behalf each month while you’re doing what you love, we…

    Refresh your homepage with new content giving visitors reasons to return again and again.
    Monitor the new patient performance of your website, making updates as necessary to insure a return on your investment.
    Send a six-part eLearning curriculum to your new patients, educating them about the principles of chiropractic.
    Stand ready 24/7 to edit your website by adding new pictures, new staff, new hours or make any other changes at no charge.
    Constantly upgrade our software, adding new features, greater functionality and enhancing its ability to generate new patients.
    In other words, we “work” on your site for you so your Internet presence pays its way by attracting new patients, stimulating referrals and increasing retention.

Here are answers to many of the frequently asked questions of MediSmart clients. If you have a question that’s not answered here, contact us today

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