About MediSmart Media

MediSmart Media is a full service digital marketing company with a team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to helping your practice generate new patients and educate current patients to increase retention and referrals.

What to Expect?

medismart-media-liberty-towersWe understand that your practice in today’s social world have to capture the attention of potential customers and motivate them to make contact. There are millions of websites online hoping and praying to be found. Each one yearning to own top position in the search engine rankings, but only a handful will ever reach the first page.

MediSmart Media is at the forefront of this new social and mobile world. When it comes to designing a marketing plan for your practice, we understand that campaigns need to be versatile and creative. It’s no longer enough to build a campaign around a single marketing facet – email, flyers, online display ads or other channels. Your practice must take advantage of multiple channels that result in optimum results.

The experts at MediSmart Media will design a strategic, systematic plan keeping your specific needs and requirements in the forefront after you’ve chosen an Interactive Practice Website that will enhance the returns on your investment. A customized program could then involve the following marketing services:

Mobile Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Pay-Per-Click Management
Search Optimized Web Design
MediSmart Media’s ultimate vision is to help our practice client’s business stay relevant by understanding the new era of media and marketing. We are dedicated to breaking the status quo mold with the creation of a cost efficient website and marketing for new patients, as well as deliver to your practice an amazing customer experience faster, better and smarter.

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